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Controlling Popnoggin is easy. Settings are simple to use and support any number of students on a computer.

Notification Icon

Popnoggin Menu

The Popnoggin menu appears with a simple click near the Windows clock. The menu lets you change settings, earn time credit, pause questions and more.

The Popnoggin icon appears automatically whenever you start your computer. Anyone can click on it, but when password-protected, the user will be asked for the Popnoggin password before any changes can be made

Subjects Tab

Settings Window

The Settings window is where you control Popnoggin features. Organized into four tabs, the Settings window is easy-to-use and is password-protected so that only allowed users can get in.

Subjects Tab

The Subjects tab lets you select which subjects to enable. You can find out more about each subject and category, and get your student's scores on each by simply clicking them.

Subjects are named using common terms and organized in an expandable outline. All subjects fit within the categories Art, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. There's also a conventient Find feature that locates subjects using any word you enter.

When you create or select a student, all of the enabled subjects and scores pertain to only that student. It's like having a custom set of flashcards set up for each student.

Student Tab

The Student tab lets you change settings for each Popnoggin student. You can set Student Tab the time between questions, how much time credit the student has, theme, sounds, and other options.

Whenever you switch students in Popnoggin, the student settings and subjects automatically change.

If you are using the computer and don't want Popnoggin to appear, you can choose the student "none", and Popnoggin stay hidden until a student is selected.

For your convenience, Popnoggin remembers which student is selected for each Windows account. If your children have their own Windows accounts, Popnoggin will use the right settings automatically.

Or if your kids share the same account, you can set the current student in Popnoggin Settings or within any question.

Students may differ in how you want them to get answers. The "Help with Answers" option selects what happens when the student chooses Show Me.

Interruption Tab

The interruption tab lets you choose which games and other programs Popnoggin will pop over.

Popnoggin will Interruption Tab automatically avoid popping over common productivity applications like Microsoft Word and Outlook, etc., but you can also add the titles or filenames of programs, games, web pages and other windows that Popnoggin should not interrupt.

Interruption settings apply to all students, so any changes need only be entered once.

Options Tab

The Options tab lets you control additional features like changing your password, checking for software updates, and advanced options.

Total Control

With Popnoggin, you have full control over the subjects presented, to which child, and how often. You can view the contents of each subject, review and reset your student's scores, and adjust settings to maximize you child's learning and enjoyment.

Popnoggin is a revolutionary way to help your kids learn. With Popnoggin, all your child's computer time will be educational and productive. Buy now and give your child the advantage of Popnoggin.

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