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Turn any computer time into learning time!

Add pop-up flashcards to any computer game.

Do your kids play too much on the computer? Do they need practice in multiplication or other subjects at school? Popnoggin makes any computer time educational by challenging kids while they play. Use their favorite games as incentive to learn.

Game + Popnoggin = Success!

"Thank goodness for Popnoggin" - Natalie, WA, after her 4th grade state math test.

"At first [Kyle] didn't like it, but he doesn't mind now... The math flash cards alone were worth it. - Rhona

"My husband did not believe he answered 11,000 times, but that is just a couple hours per day for a month. That is nothing for my son." - Leanne

"I let him settle down and then explained the concept about buying time. He then bought himself around 30 minutes and was happily playing away" - Ted, WA

"Brilliant! I want this for me."

"This was a super idea. Thanks for giving us a way to win the computer battle." - Suresh, OR

"I used to lock Ryan's keyboard, but now I let him use the computer whenever he wants (mostly). Usually he starts by earning credits and that's fine with me." - Geri, MA

"He doesn't like it, but he prefers it to no computer :)" - Hank, US

"He asked us to turn on vocabulary because 'those are fun'. What??" - Charles, CA

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Popnoggin's pop-up questions make kids 'pay-to-play' their computer games. They can earn time in advance or pay as they go. Kids learn math, history, science and more while playing or surfing.

Eric demonstrates earning game time by answering questions.

With over 15,000 questions grades K-12, you control the subjects and track your children's scores in each.

Popnoggin knows whether you child is working or playing. Just pick the subjects and Popnoggin does the rest.

Popnoggin works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and with nearly all games, online sites, video players and other programs.

Don't fret over computer time. Let them play, let them learn!

Parts of Speech
Clock Time
Land Forms

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